Join Me Every Wednesday At 2 PM EST For A Live Group Workout

Join Our Wednesday Workouts!

Join me every Wednesday at 2 pm EST to get a great burn, learn how to breathe better, improve your core strength and function, gain strength and improve the quality of your movement and mobility, decrease stress and feel amazing!

  • No Gym Membership needed!! You don't have to sacrifice your workouts! 
  • Kids home from school?  I've got you covered!
  • At home or working from home?  I've got you covered

Here's What To Expect

Warmup: (5-10 minutes) Targeted exercises and breathing strategies to prepare your body for the workout.

Core Sequence: (10-15 Minutes) core exercises selected specifically to train your deeper core muscles, improve core strength, and address any core and pelvic floor issues concerns.

Strength Sequence: (25-30 Minutes) Squats, Lunges, Hinges, Pushes and Pulls to get a full-body workout.

Cool Down: (5-10 Minutes) Deep breathing strategies and mobility exercises to help restore your body to a calmer state.

Date: Every Wednesday

Time: 2 PM EST/11 AM PST

Equipment: resistance band, moderately heavy set of weights (we can make it work if you don't have any), bench or sturdy chair...but if you don't have these things...not a big deal!

Monthly Subscription Option

$25 Per Month

One Time Drop-In Option

$10 Per Class

In addition to the live workouts with me, you will get access to the recordings of all of the workouts, so you can go back and repeat them when it is convenient. Your membership allows you 24/7 access to the recorded workouts. In the event you cannot make a workout you will have access to the live recording to do at another time.

The drop-in option is great for any mom who can't commit to a regular time, but want an opportunity to get some movement, improve core strength and function, and destress!

** Drop ins will not get access to video recordings after the workout.

Sign Up For A Monthly Subscription

I want to use my platform and business to foster as much positive energy and support as possible for you right now so that you can:

  • Regain your core strength and function
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Build total-body strength and fitness
  • Be more present with your family
  • Have more energy to chase your kiddos around the house
  • Move without pain
  • Relieve stress and worry
  • Continue to safely engage in adult conversation and fun without spreading germs

I'll be offering modifications for pregnancy, postpartum, and pelvic health needs.

All are welcome, including your kids.

Set an alarm on your phone for 30 minutes before the workout now to remind yourself!

See you on Wednesdays for some movement, smiles, fun, and some much-needed interaction with other moms around the world!

  • 100% Secure.

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